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Petrographic examination of soils and rocks

Soils, clays and rocks

Geomaterials are able to conduct chemical, mineralogical and textural analysis of soils and rocks using thin sections, X-ray diffraction and electron microprobe analysis techniques. Geomaterials has extensive experience in litigation involving soil and clay analysis.

Soils and Clay Mineralogy

  • X-ray diffraction analysis to determine whole rock and clay mineralogy
  • Determination of bulk chemical composition of the rock by electron microprobe analysis
  • Calculation of semi-quantitative mineralogical proportions based on chemical analysis and X-ray diffraction testing.
  • Determination of clay structure by electron microscopy and petrographic analysis.


Classification and identification of rock types

Analysis of rock structure including:

  • Estimation of strength
  • Identification of planes of weakness
  • Assessment of porosity and porosity distribution using fluorescent resin impregnation
  • Lithological variation
  • X-ray diffraction identification of minerals including deleterious clay minerals.
  • Measurement of compressive strength to ISRM methods

Chemical analysis including bulk chemical composition using the electron microprobe.