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The Geomaterials Research Services Department at Sandberg (formerly Geomaterials Research Services Limited) is managed by Mike Eden, a Sandberg Partner. The department specialises in providing technical advice and testing in connection with the investigation of the causes of failure in construction materials. The Geomaterials Research Services Department benefits from in-house facilities for thin section preparation, optical microscopy, electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction. Much of the work carried out by Geomaterials is concerned with the investigation of concrete deterioration, sediment and clay sediment mineralogical analysis and in the assessment of the volumetric stability of materials used as fill including recycled materials and materials of geological origin.

Mike Eden is a Chartered Geologist with more than twenty years-experience in the industry and has a background in materials investigation involving petrographic examination and electron microscopy. Mike Eden has provided advice to clients in connection with a wide range of important civil engineering projects as a materials consultant, including the Second Severn Crossing the Channel Tunnel and petrochemical installations in the Middle East. Mike Eden as published extensively on topics including, delayed ettringite formation (DEF), alkali-aggregate reaction (AAR), pyritic heave in mudstone, the thaumasite form of sulphate attack (TSA) and fire damage in concrete.

Mike Eden

Mike Eden FIMMM
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